Brooke Nielson


Brooke Nielson portrait

Brooke has been recognized by the AIGA in Salt Lake City and Utah State University’s Caine College of the Arts as a distinguished student in graphic design. She has won six merit awards, second prize award, and has participated in a number of other exhibitions and shows.

Her career as an artist started at a young age where she grew up near Boise, Idaho. She contributes a large part of her perspective on the various places she has lived. Her time in Southern California helped with the choice to pursue her BFA in graphic design at Utah State University.

As an art student at USU, Brooke grew to love her education experience. She graduated Magna cum laude in May 2022. At that time, Brooke also received minors in both anthropology and art history.

Brooke now works at Stoke, a full-service digital marketing and creative content agency focused on B2B technology brands. With their core team and world-class global talent, Stoke delivers experiences across all types of media. Then, using their proprietary analytics technology, they help clients understand the impact on engagement and their bottom line.

Reach out to Brooke with any questions or design inquiries. And be sure to watch for more exciting work to come!