Brooke Nielson

Gelukzak Chocolate Branding

Gelukzak is a chocolaterie located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The name Gelukzak comes from a Dutch word that describes someone who possesses luck. With deep Dutch roots, Gelukzak plays on this translation by sending good fortune to their customers in chocolate packages called “good luck sacks.”

Gelukzak is unique in the chocolate business in that they recommend their chocolate to be stored in a freezer and eaten chilled. Flavorings such as almond fig, anise orange, or porcini thyme are infused into the chocolate and is intensified by combining them with the purest of chocolate foundations sourced from a range of 70% cacao. Gelukzak wants to be perceived by its audiences as healthy, positive, vibrant, modern, mindful, cheerful, authentic, light, friendly, and delightful.