Brooke Nielson

Lucent Magazine

Lucent is a good news magazine focused on changing the perception of the print production industry. This means that Lucent is focused on presenting positive happenings around the world to prove that there is hope in humanity. It fights against negative news and perfectionist “lifestyle” magazines. In a world viewed full of doom and gloom, we concentrate on what is going right. Industry has made success and beauty the most attainable goal in life; however, we take a new approach. Lucent focuses on progress, possibility, and solutions for a better world.

Lucent’s monthly print publications also fight against the “print is dead” train of thought and prides itself in creating beautiful and meaningful art pieces that deserve to be held in hand. Because of Lucent’s ability to inspire stimulating thought and reviving conversation, this is the magazine you will want to keep on your coffee table, carry with you on the subway, read on the airplane, or put in a climate-controlled, bulletproof, fireproof, motion-sensor case with special LED lights for safe viewing. Whichever your lifestyle, Lucent is the positivity you need in your life today.